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Establish your presence on the Web. Your own branded website and email shows that you're a serious professional.

Your website is a 24-7 interactive advertisement or online store accessible to billions of people around the world. CMS Integration can help you get your message to your audience.

Use your website to demonstrate your expertise and service by offering resources and answers to needs and questions your customers may have.

One size doesn't fit all. Let CMS Integration create a custom website solution that fits your business needs.


CMS Integration can provide you with the following services:

Services CMS Integration Provides

CMS Integration provides website design services for business within the Durham Region in Ontario and beyond. Here are some of the ways CMS Integration can benefit your business' presence on the Internet:

WordPress / template website design

CMS Integration can create a website for you that uses a content management system, like WordPress, to allow you to quickly and easily make changes to your site.

Custom website design

If your website requirements are more specific, CMS Integration can code a custom website from the ground up, allowing total flexibility to match your needs.

Website renovations

If your website has been around for a while and needs some refreshing or added features, CMS Integration can work with your existing website to revamp it and bring it up to speed.

Domain name registration

CMS Integration can help you choose a suitable and user-friendly domain name for people to access your website, and then handle the registration and annual renewal.

Web hosting

"Hosting" is the storage space for your website and email. CMS Integration takes care of finding a suitable hosting provider for your site's needs, the uploading and configuration of your site on the web host, and dealing with any hosting issues.

Email set-up

Once you have your own email accounts, CMS Integration can make an in-person visit to set up your email on your smartphones, computers, and tablets, or give guideance remotely.

The Web Design Process

How do you go about creating a website?

The first step, whether you're forging a new website or renovating an existing website, is to consider your goals for the website, what you want to accomplish through it. CMS Integration believes that by combining your goals and knowledge of your audience with experience in design and development, we can team up to create the features your site needs to serve its purpose on the Web. This includes choosing a domain name for your website, and even your email requirements.

Many websites can be built by picking a good combination of off-the-shelf designs and features, styling it to match your own branding, and then adding writing and images to convey your message. WordPress is a solid platform for this approach, and it has a built-in control panel that allows you to update your web pages any time.

If your website requires more specialized features, CMS Integration can do custom coding. This can include fully custom sites, built from the ground up and tailored exactly to fit your goals. This approach allows for full freedom, without the limitations of building from a template or specific platform.

Typically as your site is developed, it'll be published as a private beta for your review. That allows your ongoing feedback can steer the construction towards the your determined goals. Then, once you're happy, the website is published to the public world wide web!

Publishing isn't the destination, though, but rather a launching point. CMS Integration helps with training you how to keep your site updated, walks you through setting up your email, and more. CMS Integration works between you and the web hosting provider to minimize "tech speak" and just make things work.


Here are some examples of websites built by CMS Integration:

Walt Gibson Engineering

Courtice Flea Market

Clarington Promotions

Santiag's Old Country Painting

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